Blog Post #1: What I’d Like to Learn

Latin America holds a wide variety of history that I have not yet learned or been exposed to. I am excited to immerse myself in a new culture and land that I have not yet previously explored. I would like to learn about the development of the many urban centers of the region. I have heard that most of the citizens live in urban centers and I am interested to learn how this occurred. I am looking to redefine the way I look at colonialism as well. I have always approached colonialism as occurring in the United States only. My past history courses have always defined Colonialism as Europeans coming to the United States and hardly, if ever, mentioned Latin America. I am excited to change and broaden my understanding of the topic as it pertains to a different country and culture!

I would also like to learn about women in Colonial Latin America and how their lives were shaped and impacted from the start of sailing over from Europe to the development of the society. I would like to learn how women were treated; if they were seen as equal in any sense of the word or if they had to be submissive to men. I wonder about the roles of women, in Latin American society, were. I also would like to learn about the development of the government system(s) used throughout Latin America. I wonder what influenced government formation and if they are structurally sound governments.

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