Historical Analysis Prep

Studies suggest that interteaching – in our case, student completion of short, targeted historical analysis assignments before seminar, coupled with shorter, student-tailored lectures – can help students focus their attention and better prepare for class discussions.  They give me a sense of what you do and don’t understand from the day’s reading.  In addition, they let us devote more time in class to active learning.  As you read each day’s materials, please complete the corresponding Historical Analysis Prep and bring it to class.  These will form the basis of our active discussions.  I’ll randomly check one third of the class’ work every session, grading for completion and effort.  On other days, I’ll collect the sheets from the entire class to give more detailed feedback on your historical analysis.

HAP Worksheets:

Week 2: Old Worlds

Week 3: New Worlds

Week 4: First Reports

Week 5: Early Colonial Perspectives

Week 6: Two Visions of Conquest

Week 7: Colonial Identities

Fall Break

Week 8: Colonial Institutions

Week 9: Formulating New Societies

Week 10: Colonial Economics

Week 11: Hierarchies of Race & Gender

Week 12: Bourbon Reforms

Week 13:  The Haitian Revolution

  • The Haitian Revolution HAP
  • For Wednesday’s class: By Tuesday night (11/19): Post a thoughtful historical discussion question – and your answer, supported by the primary source documents – to our course blog. (note: no HAP sheet for today)

Week 14: Enlightenment Latin America

Week 15: Race & Nation