What I want to learn this semester

Last semester I took the course Readings in Latin America/ Spanish 224. A majority of the readings that were assigned for that class had to do with the topic of colonization of Latin America. We specifically discussed Bartolome de Las Casas and Sepulveda, and their arguments for and against colonizing Latin America. I found this portion of the class to be extremely interesting, and I’d love to learn more about their impact on colonial Latin America.

On a different note, I am studying abroad this spring in Argentina. The program that I am participating in is called Social Movements and Human Rights in Argentina. I thought that with taking this class I would better understand the history of Latin America as a whole, and specifically Argentina. Therefore, a research topic relating to Argentinian historical social movements would be a great fit for me.

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  1. Katie Holt

    I hope you have lots of opportunities to make connections between our discussions and Dr. Medina’s course.
    Come see me, and we can talk about Argentina-related ideas for your research project, OR you can also build on your interest in Las Casas. Either would be exciting.


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