What I’d like to learn this semester

During this semester there are some specific topics I’d like to learn. One of the main ones that interests me is the military conquest of the Europeans and how the natives fought back. Perhaps we’d learn more about particular battles that took place. Clearly the Europeans were at a technological advantage with their firearms, but I’d be interested in knowing how the natives fought back and tried to level the playing field I think that would be very intriguing.

Another main topic I’d like to focus on this semester is religion amongst the natives. Obviously we’ve all seen the glorified human sacrifices on television. I’d like to dive into how accurate and prevalent things such as human sacrifice were amongst natives. Also stuff such as the jaguar being glorified interests me. Was the jaguar and other animals particularly important to native culture or has Hollywood just put more emphasis on these things than actually existed.

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  1. Katie Holt

    Military technology is an interesting research topic. I think you’ll really enjoy our analysis of Cortes in Mexico, which incorporates primary sources from a large variety of perspectives. Keep an eye out for anything in particular that you’d like to focus on to narrow your research question.


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