What I Want to Learn This Semester

A big part of the American experience is saying who is a true native in the area, with Latin American history is a huge argument torse what communities have been there the longest. With recent studies showing that most communities in the Latin American citizens of recent days are descendants of the original ancestors that lived in the colonial Americas. The biggest population traveled from north Siberia through the land bridge that connected Siberia and Alaska between about 34,000 and 11,000 years ago.

Learning the history of where the true ancestors would create and open mind that no one is truly a native in the land. This would make more of an idea that we are all immigrants and that everyone should be equal. It would help with the acceptance of immigration moving to different countries. While also learning the process of finding proof of the original tribes located in Latin America. With also showing what was truly their experience they had with the Europeans traveling over. With the allegations torse of Columbus that truly made showed that the Europeans did not come to make things better and took advantage of people that different than them. Which shows that this is a constant problem in all of history.

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  1. Katie Holt

    I’d be happy to help you work towards a research project that studies some aspect of indigenous culture. The first step would be to narrow to a particular group, and then decide what most interests you. We’ve read about the Aztec and Maya, and will turn to the Inca and the Tupinamba next week. Come see me and we can talk!


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