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My first idea for a research question is: how did new national identities emerge from the Spanish colonial viceroyalties of Latin America prior to and during the Napoleonic Wars, and what motivated the large-scale uprisings against and distancing from Spanish rule? I’m interested to learn more about how nations and national identities sprung up in central and south America, driving thousands of people to revolt against colonial rule and create independent countries in a relatively short span of time. I also want to know more about the leadup to the revolutionary movements and how the local identity already in place in various regions may have contributed to the explosion of nationalist and independence-minded thought around this time – specifically, were there already large segments of the population that were pushing for freedom and self-government, and how did those segments become prominent enough to topple colonial rule in nearly all of Latin America?

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  1. Katie Holt

    This is a great question, if you focus on the growth of local anti-colonial movements in the years leading up to independence. Your next step is to focus on a particular geographical region/independence movement. Our primary source reader has a good chapter on Mexican independence movements which might be a good place to start. Or you could look at Simon Bolivar, The Inconfidencia Mineira (Brazil). Which sounds most interesting?


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