Revised Research

Although I have not completely narrowed down my selection, I have minor changes in mind for the project. Instead of doing just the native perspective, I could compare and contrast Aztec and European ideas on many things such as opinions of each other, specific events, and ceremonies or rituals.

For my primary sources I could maybe look at excerpts from the Florentine Codex as well as The True History of the Conquest of New Spain. 

Secondary sources may include


2 thoughts on “Revised Research

  1. Abby

    I think comparing the views of both parties is very important when researching topics in Latin America since there is often a gap in sources from the indigenous peoples. Comparing rituals and events would also be really interesting especially if you decide to maybe look at how they may have changed through time to see if there was any influence on either end. The book I read “The death of Tenochtitlan, The life of Mexico City” gives some good examples of rituals and processions after colonial takeover.


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