Updated Research Question

After looking at sources and briefly discussing my project with Professor Holt, I have decided that I would like to focus on religious women in the Andes. I have found many sources that detail life in convents in Colonial Latin America and sources that detail the lives of women more specifically during this time.

Potential Sources:

Primary sources in Chapter 5: Life in Colonial Convents in Readings on Colonial Latin America and its people

Jaffary, Nora E., 1968. 2007. Gender, Race and Religion in the Colonization of the Americas. Aldershot, England;Burlington, VT;: Ashgate.

Wirzba, Norman. 2003. Neither Saints nor Sinners : Writing the Lives of Women in Spanish America. New York: Oxford University Press USA – OSO. Accessed September 25, 2019. ProQuest Ebook Central.

Mónica Díaz. “Native American Women and Religion in the American Colonies: Textual and Visual Traces of an Imagined Community.” Legacy 28, no. 2 (2011): 205-31. doi:10.5250/legacy.28.2.0205.

Socolow, Susan Migden, 1941. 2015. The Women of Colonial Latin America. Second ed. New York: Cambridge University Press.

3 thoughts on “Updated Research Question

  1. N Praml

    This topic is really interesting, Abby. I think it is important to examine how people adopt new belief systems after coming into contact with a colonial power, since it represents the latter’s desire for authority in all matters. One thing that I am curious about is how the experiences of Andean women in convents may have differed from (or resembled) the religious experiences of men.

  2. Emma Cotter

    Hi Abby! I think that your topic looks really interesting, and I’m excited to learn more about it. I’m wondering if you’ve considered trying to find a specific Andean woman who lived in a convent to look into. I think it would bring a very cool perspective to your project to center it around a particular person, as it would allow the viewer to more personally relate to what they are hearing about.


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