Discussion question 11/19

What are some themes or ideas in The Haitian Constitution that stick out to you? What biases do they reveal?

Some themes in The Haitian Constitution that stick out to me are the importance of freedom: of self and property. Also, the hatred of all French/ white men, but not women. It surprised me how much the preliminary declaration focused on the role of men/fathers. With the intense focus on men’s roles in society, it’s intriguing that there is no mention of women as they do not relate to marriage or families.

It is clear that the themes of The Haitian Constitution reveal racial and gender bias. After more thought, I suppose that article 13, naturalizing white women reveals that the men writing this Constitution saw white women as having no power or say in the enslavement of blacks. Which would likely mean that they dis not believe that the women in their new Haitian society should not have power or say in the laws.


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