Blog Post 1: What I want to learn about Latin America

Throughout my academic career I have spent very little time learning about Latin America which was my main motivation for taking this class. I vaguely remember reading about the conquistadors in elementary school but we never went into the specifics. I am hoping that in this class I will be able to expand my knowledge of Latin America, its culture and how colonization has influenced modern life in the region. I look forward to reading accounts from both Natives and europeans to hopefully paint a full picture of the events that took place.

Most of my little knowledge about colonial Latin American history was told by the point of view of the conquistadors and others who invaded the region giving me a false impression of the damage that they caused. This course will hopefully change that and give multiple accounts about the colonization of Latin America. Finally, I am looking forward to learning about how colonization may have influenced the modern culture in Latin America, what if any were the positive impacts and what were the negative impacts.

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  1. Katie Holt

    Great – I hope you’re enjoying our discussion so far (and are excited about our work for the coming weeks). Come see me and we’ll talk about designing a research project that lets you focus on a particular area of interest for you.


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