Blog post #1: What I would like to learn

One of the reasons I decided to take this class was because I feel that we are taught only about North America during the time of colonization in the New World. I would like to learn about colonization in Latin America and how it differed from more Northern parts of America. How the native cultures were affected and how the newcomers responded to these new people seems like it could be very different compared. When I think of Native Americans and how they faired, unfortunately, a lot of cultures was lost and they were pushed and forced to live on smaller and smaller reservations. I would like to learn about how the cultures of the natives in South and Latin America faired when faced with the conquistadors, how much survived, how it survived, and partly how the present South and Latin America view these native cultures now.

Along the same lines of culture, I would also like to learn how the cultures of the New World natives and the culture of the colonizers mixed. Like what parts were shared and continued to be included in each other’s cultures. For example, I know that Catholicism is still very prevalent across South and Latin America. But what other aspects combined with each other. We can learn how South and Latin America is a unique place becuase of the cultural combinations from this period of time. I would also like to see what still remains as common practice today.

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