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One area of research I am interested in is how colonization impacted gender roles in Latin America, specifically in the Andes. In our book we read that before colonization women and men in the Andes had separate roles but that both were valued as equally important unlike the European gender roles at the time. I am curious about how women’s lives changed after the colonizers took over and how they effected the gender dynamic within the native tribes. I think it would be interesting to see if they embraced the European ideals of separate spheres or if they continued to value both genders and the ways they contributed to society as equally important. I would also like to further explore gender roles in modern day Latin America to see the evolution and the impacts that the Europeans had or did not have on this issue.

I am also interested in Catholicism in Latin America and looking deeper into the work of missionaries after the initial colonization. I do not have anything specific that I am interested in but I have read about missionaries in other parts of the world but I do not know much about the missionaries in Latin America. I would like to learn more about the tactics that were used by missionaries and how they may have compared to missionaries that went to other places in the world.


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  1. Katie Holt

    Excellent, Abby! These are some great ideas. Looking at the lives of female religious in the Andes might be a good way to unite your interests here. One of the bios in Kathleen Ann Myers’ Neither Saints Nor Sinners might be a great place to start:

    Or Kathryn Burns’ book Colonial Habits looks explicitly at race and gender in a Cuzco convent.


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