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What influence has the colonial era of Argentina had on modern day Argentinian society (culture, politics, language, values)?

I think this question in important to our understanding of colonial latin america, as through the answering of this question one could understand the roots that colonialism planted in the “new world” societies and how they’ve continued to have an effect to this day. I really enjoy this topic because it delves into the history of modern day Argentina, all the way back to colonial times. But, I also understand that it might not be what you’re looking for.

If that is not what youre looking for, an alternative question is:

What impact did the arguments of Las Casas have on the conquestidors and their future in Latin America?

I think that this question would be very interesting for our understanding of colonial latin america becuase Las Casas was one of the first docummented and powerful/respected man to stand up against the pratices of the conquestidors, as he recoginized the injustice beign done. Although he was not considered to have won the debate, it would be interesting to research his impact.

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  1. Katie Holt

    I’d like to encourage you to move forward with the Argentine question: I think you’ll get more out of your research, and enjoy it more, if you pick a topic that is personally meaningful to you.
    Depending on your interests, I can imagine a project on gaucho culture, on the Jesuit missions, or Argentine independence movements. Argentine environmental history? food? We’ll talk more in person.


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